‘Short kings rise’: Kai Cenat conquered Elden Ring high by bringing Kevin Hart to Twitch

Kai Cenat’s six-hour May 24 stream beat his Elden Ring broadcasts thanks to an unexpected celebrity appearance from Kevin Hart.

From time to time, celebrities visit popular streamers. But it’s safe to say there’s not often been a cameo of Kevin Hart’s brevity. During last Friday’s broadcast, the comedian and Cenat interacted with chat and seemed to enjoy themselves, making this stream more popular than the latter’s recent Elden Ring streams.

According to Twitch Tracker, Kai Cenat’s peak number of viewers reached an all-time high of 370,871 on May 24, beating his previous record from Dec. 14, when another celebrity, Nicki Minaj, joined Kai CenatAccording to Twitch Tracker, Minaj and Cenat’s collaboration peaked at 348,593 viewers, meaning the Hart collab surpassed it by over 20,000 viewers.

It’s no surprise these co-streams with other celebrities are so popular. That’s why May 24’s broadcast doing much better than Cenat’s latest Elden Ring adventures is all but odd. His latest marathon while playing the game peaked on May 17, when he reached 285,578 peak viewers, during which the 22-year-old beat Malenia, one of the final bosses of the title, widely recognized as the toughest one.

Cenat’s streams with celebrities work because they’re immensely entertaining. During the latest one with Kevin Hart, the duo took shots at other artists, like T-Pain, who was called “cheap-ass” by Hart by only giving out 50 free subs. This was after the 22-year-old explained to the comedian what subs are and how they work, which Hart had previously thought were “a bad thing.”

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