‘So weird’: Headshot machine ScreaM is struggling to adapt to one major CS2 change

Despite Counter-Strike 2 being out for almost a year, complaining about it is still as popular as ever. One former CS:GO and current VALORANT pro, ScreaM, streamed the game on May 25 and commented about its movement.

ScreaM held a short stream of some FACEIT matches, with one played on Dust2. After dying on A bombsite, the player called a “headshot machine” back in the day had a short rant about CS2’s movement, claiming something is off, and he’s struggling to adapt to it.

“The movement on this game is so weird, bro. […] It’s more like a movement problem. I feel like when I move, I’m sliding, man. It doesn’t stop. In CS:GO, when you move, it stops, you know? […] That’s what I feel, when you move, there’s a little tiny thing that it moves more than you want,” ScreaM said. In the same clip, he compared the movement in CS2 to moving on the snow.

The Belgian isn’t alone in his sentiment. Players have already made similar complaints, especially following the game’s release in September last year. However, since then, movement issues have been addressed by Valve with patches. Additionally, players admitted this difference in movement was likely a result of CS2’s release, where almost everything was polished or tweaked. While the movement didn’t officially change compared to CS:GO, the community experienced a Mandela effect regarding it, believing it somehow was.

The clip quickly made it to Reddit, where players mostly disagreed with ScreaM. One comment pointed out how the Belgian “couldn’t adapt at all,” which made him go to VALORANT in 2020. Another underlined how the movement tweaks are in people’s minds rather than the game itself. “I really don’t think the movement is that much different, personally. More in people’s heads,” they wrote.

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