Sketch will receive one of football fandom’s greatest honors from Houston Texans at 2024 NFL Draft

NFL fans haven’t been able to go anywhere online without seeing “what’s up, brother?” over the last month or two—and that won’t change with this week’s NFL Draft. The Houston Texans announced today that streaming star and Texans fan Sketch will announce one of their draft picks.

If you’ve been wondering who the hell Sketch is, why athletes keep pointing upwards with their hand close to their chest in celebrations, or how someone got away with telling former Bengals player Vontaze Burfict he inspired them to hit people after plays are over, welcome to the new era. Sketch is one of streaming’s biggest success stories in 2024. The Madden streamer and one-liner machine has become a household name in sports circles, and the man known for his reluctance to wear anything other than a Houston Texans jersey will now get the chance to rep his team on stage by announcing a 2024 draft pick for them.

The Texans don’t have a pick in the first round this year, but usually, first-round picks are announced by the NFL commissioner anyway. Other people announcing draft picks is an honor usually reserved for current or former players and famous fans of teams, as well as various league-sponsored initiatives, community outreach groups, and military personnel. Some are intimately connected with the teams they’re announcing for (several current and future Hall of Fame players have announced picks), and some just seem to be there for fun, like Ted Lasso cast members announcing a Miami Dolphins pick last year. Football is life, after all.

Sketch is certainly a more niche celebrity than most, but the fact that his favorite team is recognizing him after he’s skyrocketed in popularity and created multiple social media crazes is undeniably pretty cool, and will no doubt thrill the streamer himself.

The 2024 NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 25, at 7pm CT. Sketch will likely take the stage for the Texans on either April 26 or 27.

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