New Netflix show starring Jennifer Lopez has Titanfall fans drawing comparisons—and they’re unimpressed

Netflix recently revealed its new sci-fi movie, Atlas, with a full trailer showcasing mechas, rogue AIs, and lots of shooting. The film bears a striking resemblance to EA’s black sheep, Titanfall, causing fans to draw comparisons between the two—and it ended just as you’d imagine.

The bulk of the discussion is happening on Reddit, where an April 24 thread was uploaded and highlighted how Atlas oddly resembles the shooter franchise. “Tell me I’m wrong,” said the user who started the discussion. The replies range from being critical of the acting, which is very run-of-the-mill (as is the show’s rogue AI theme), to being outright hostile to the show altogether and very, very defensive of Titanfall. “Yikes, [this] looks awful,” one user wrote.

Geared to release on Netflix on May 24, Atlas stars Jennifer Lopez as the titular character who pilots a Titan-looking mecha named Smith. Smith’s design is very reminiscent of the Scorch Titan from Titanfall 2 and its voice lines are similar to those of BT-7274. The story revolves around Atlas and Smith navigating numerous dangers to defeat a rogue AI. The story is classic science fiction and, by the looks of it, is Titanfall without actually being Titanfall.

The original poster asked if this was Netflix’s attempt at making a Titanfall adaptation, to which one user said: “No because Titanfall is defined as being good.” Another called the movie “Titanfall we have at home,” and another still questioned why studios aren’t taking after Fallout‘s example and just made an official adaptation.

From the trailer alone, it’s difficult to determine whether a movie will be good. The design is indeed suggestive that at least some inspiration was drawn from Titanfall, or maybe someone outside of EA picked up the Janitor who wanted to give Titanfall fans something new but had to hide it. We’ll know all the details once the movie releases on Netflix on May 24.

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