Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded update brings back the Specialist perk package, a new killstreak, and more

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a super-operator in Call of Duty with all perks active, get ready for Warzone’s Season Three Reloaded update.

The Specialist Perk Package returns in next week’s update, turning you into the “ultimate operator” if you’re lucky enough to loot the “rare” item. All 29 of Warzone‘s perks will become active and you’ll become a “force to be reckoned with,” according to Activision.

Call of Duty Warzone operators fighting with a helicopter in the background
The Specialist package is a game-changer. Image via Activision

Specialist was in the original Warzone and was always a hugely fun item to pick up when found. It really does make you feel like a bit of a super-soldier with all of the game’s possible abilities in your back pocket.

That feeling is only strengthened by Foresight, the new killstreak being added to Warzone in Season Three Reloaded. This item can be found as another piece of rare loot and allows you to see the remaining gas circles in the match.

“Strategize accordingly to make the most out of the intel you’re given, setting up for the win where you know the gas will end up at the match’s end,” Activision said.

In the rest of season three, Warzone will also add the Loaded Resurgence mode, Rebirth Lockdown mode, Utility Box Field Upgrade, and Heavy Armor Public event. The BAL-27 assault rifle is also coming in the update, unlocked in the battle pass, but there may be even more for players to find on their own.

“Something is happening with the Bunkers on Urzikstan, too,” Activision said. “Curious squads who explore these areas are apt to discover the rewards within. That isn’t all that’s coming, either, though some [[REDACTED]] surprises are best left to our players to uncover.”

Warzone’s Season Three Reloaded update goes live on May 1 at 11am CT.

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