MW3 Season 3 Reloaded arrives next week with new maps, a classic gun, and more

Modern Warfare 3’s midseason update is about to drop next week, and Activision has revealed details on what players can expect from the “Reloaded” patch.

The highlight of the update is the return of a classic weapon, the BAL-27 assault rifle from 2014’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and two new six-vs-six maps named Grime and Checkpoint.

BAL-27 assault rifle in MW3
Bring it out again. Image via Activision

The BAL-27 “offers quick reloads and a unique firing mechanism whereby the initial four shots favor accuracy before the weapon kicks into a higher fire rate to finish the job and bring down your target fast,” according to Activision. It can be unlocked via challenges in the battle pass.

Grime, meanwhile, is based in “an abandoned corner of London” set in a dirty canal, and Checkpoint is a repurposed point of interest from Rebirth Island. Both are described as medium-sized maps designed for 12 players.

There are new modes on the way, too, including Minefield (operators drop a proximity mine upon death) and Escort (teams take turns escorting a vehicle while completing objectives), and a new Arcade playlist, which features power-ups and weapon pickups.

In addition, Season Three Reloaded includes a new tactical called the EMD Mine, which is a proximity-detonated tactical that sticks to surfaces and attaches tracking devices to enemies to show them on the minimap. A new Field Upgrade, Enhanced Vision Goggles that improve target acquisition, is also coming. Several new Aftermarket Parts and Conversion Kits will finish out the season, too, which looks to end on or around May 29.

NBA superstar Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns is this update’s collaboration skin. The high scorer is receiving his own operator bundle that includes weapon blueprints and a finisher that includes the player’s real-life dog, Haven.

MW3’s Season Three Reloaded update will go live next week on May 1 at 11am CT.

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