The tribe has spoken: Alinity banned from Twitch while streaming Survivor episodes

Alinity has been banned from Twitch for violating copyright laws. The streamer was watching episodes of the CBS show Survivor on her Twitch channel, which netted her a copyright strike that can now only be removed from her channel by going through a series of training endeavors known as “Copyright School.”

Since Survivor is a network TV show that requires a subscription to the streaming service Paramount+ to stream legally on-demand, it should be fairly obvious why Alinity infringed on copyright laws. 

Because of the result of her streaming copyrighted content, Alinity received a DMCA strike and will have to go to Copyright School as part of her journey back to good standing with Twitch. Copyright School is a Twitch program that includes a brief course going over copyright laws, as well as a multiple-choice quiz that must be passed to get the strike removed from your channel.

The streamer showed off an email she received from Twitch on social media last night, which claimed that she must go through a training process to remove the copyright strike that was added to her channel. According to the email, Alinity has until May 21 to complete the Copyright School training program and remove the strike from her Twitch account. 

This is Alinity’s third ban from Twitch. Her previous offenses came for violating the site’s sexual content policies, but none of those bans lasted for longer than one day, according to Twitch tracking site Streamer Bans. Depending on how long it takes Alinity to complete Twitch’s Copyright School course, she could be out of commission for an extended period of time. 

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