Stasis is finally getting major updates in Destiny 2 The Final Shape, including a new keyword

Of all the subclasses in Destiny 2, one was seemingly forgotten by Bungie, and that’s Stasis. Not for much longer, though, as Stasis is finally getting major changes to its kit with The Final Shape expansion.

In an extensive ability tuning preview post on May 22, Bungie revealed major changes to Stasis coming to Destiny 2 in The Final Shape. The biggest change to the subclass is the introduction of a new keyword, Frost Armor.

Revenant Hunter in Destiny 2
It’s about to get chilly. Image via Bungie

Frost Armor replaces the Stasis Shard Overshield as a fully-fledged survivability element, similar to how Cure and Restoration are tied to Solar, Woven Mail to Strand, and so on. The keyword will be tied to subclass abilities, armor, and, most interestingly, weapon perks.

The official Frost Armor description states: “You are fortified by layers of durable Stasis matter, reducing incoming damage. Frost Armor damage resistance grows stronger as you gain additional stacks.” The damage resistance numbers are 4.5 percent per stack against PvE enemies and 2 percent against PvP.

By default, you can build up to five stacks of Frost Armor, and they last for nine seconds. However, with the reworked Whisper of Rime, you can increase your maximum stacks to eight and extend their duration to 13 seconds. The main sources of Frost Armor stacks revealed so far are the Harvest Aspects for all three classes. Collecting a Stasis Shard now grants a small amount of health and a stack of Frost Armor. 

Several Stasis Fragments (alongside Whisper of Rime) and Exotic armor pieces are being reworked to synergize with Frost Armor. On top of that, there are two new Fragments: Whisper of Chill and Whisper of Reversal. Whisper of Chill allows you to create a Stasis Shard with Stasis weapons, and Whisper of Reversal slows your target or attacker after dealing or taking physical melee damage while having Frost Armor.

Bungie also shared several class-specific changes for Stasis, and paired with Well of Radiance and Strand Titan nerfs, The Final Shape promises to bring a drastic change to the Destiny 2 sandbox.

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