Dave the Diver’s free Godzilla DLC is out now—but only for a limited time

Dave the Diver’s latest free DLC update featuring a collaboration with Godzilla is now available—but there’s only a limited time to get your hands on it.

The smash indie hit has gone from strength to strength since releasing in June 2023, with Dave the Diver making the move to PlayStation in April, and the Godzilla DLC is free on all platforms.

Godzilla and Banjo in Dave the Diver.
Big order. Image via MintRocket

Players only have a limited time to download the Godzilla Content Pack. An announcement of the release on Steam noted that the distribution period would last until Nov. 23.

After the distribution period ends, “download will no longer be available.” But those who have already added the Godzilla Content Pack to their library can still enjoy the DLC after the distribution ends—as well as being able to delete and reinstall as you please.

This approach is new for Dave the Diver, with no limitations on downloading the previously released Dredge Content Pack, and leaves players with only a small window of opportunity to grab the free content.

Dave the Diver’s Godzilla Content Pack includes three new missions, available after the end of Chapter Five, new dishes inspired by Godzilla and Ebirah, and collectible Godzilla figures scattered through the ocean.

The Godzilla Content Pack comes alongside a new update of system improvements to Dave the Diver, including a new icon design for staff currently “dispatching,” several bug fixes, and additional keybind settings on PC.

Godzilla’s debut comes in the year when the legendary monster celebrates its 70th anniversary and a resurgence for the franchise as a whole, with Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire releasing earlier this year to expand the Monsterverse.

The Godzilla franchise has previously collaborated with GigaBash and Fall Guys in recent years, alongside a long line of titles centered around the behemoth.

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