Street Fighter 6 brings 4 new characters for year 2, including favorites from Fatal Fury

Fighting game enthusiasts were given a pleasant surprise at Summer Game Fest 2024 today when it was announced that Street Fighter 6 is getting four new characters added to the roster for year two.

The four new characters include two familiar names in the Street Fighter franchise: M. Bison and Elena. But the devs are also bringing over Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters franchise.

M. Bison is a classic character and the primary antagonist of the Street Fighter games, while Elena was introduced to the universe in Street Fighter 3: New Generation. There were loud cheers at Summer Game Fest for Terry Bogart and Mai Shiranui, who are both popular characters from Fatal Fury. They’ll be released in a staggered fashion until 2025, though.

M. Bison will be the first to release among the four, slated for the summer of 2024. Terry, on the other hand, will be dropping near the end of the year in the autumn of 2024. Afterward, players will need to wait a bit for Elena, who will be released sometime in the spring of 2025. Lastly, Mai Shiranui will be dropping into the fight much later in the new year, with her release set for the winter of 2025.

This should be an exciting development for all Street Fighter 6 enthusiasts, who will finally be getting the first guest characters in the series from Fatal Fury. It’s unknown how much this DLC will cost players, but more information should be coming in the following weeks as M. Bison’s release approaches.

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