VALORANT console introduces Focus, a new feature to aid hipfire

Alongside the announcement that VALORANT is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, Riot Games also revealed a new console-exclusive shooting mode called Focus, which aims to aid hipfire on controllers.

On PC, hipfire is the primary shooting mode, with ADS (aim down sights) as a secondary supporting mode for precision aiming. In a press release about VALORANT‘s console release, Riot explained replicating this experience on consoles proved challenging due to differences in controls and gameplay mechanics.

Valorant console focus, showing a player shooting a gun at an enemy
Focus mode introduces blurred edges and a hexagon on players’ screens. Image via Riot Games

Despite various experiments with adaptations and gamepad sensitivities, the developer found shooting with hipfire on consoles limited players’ range of possibilities and gameplay expression compared to PC.

To combat this, Riot is introducing Focus, a new shooting mode tailored specifically for VALORANT on consoles. Focus mode behaves similarly to hipfire but with reduced sensitivity, allowing players to maintain speed in moving their aim while achieving precision when necessary. 

This additional feature aims to bridge the gap between hipfire and ADS on consoles, providing players with a more intuitive and responsive shooting experience. As the release of VALORANT on consoles draws nearer, players can expect Riot to unveil further details and updates on features like Focus or Vanguard.

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