Street Fighter 6 jokes about Honkai: Star Rail crossover after Monster Hunter items drop

A brand new collaboration with Monster Hunter is live in Street Fighter 6, but that isn’t the only crossover Capcom is teasing. While it is April Fools’ Day, miHoYo has joked about a potential collab between Honkai: Star Rail and the fighting game.

To celebrate Monster Hunter’s 20th Anniversary, Capcom dropped a selection of themed avatar gear, emotes, and special titles in SF6 based on the action role-playing game but in a different fashion than the SFV crossover. Most of this is part of the April Fighting Pass, which means you need to pay to access and unlock it or go look in the Hub Goods Shop—though that isn’t all that has been added. 

Two Monster Hunter armor sets in use for Street Fighter 6.
Battle with weapons on the streets. Image via Capcom

As part of the collab, the Battle Hub now has a distinct Monster Hunter visual flair, some music from the series will play, a Rathalos and Rathian appear in the photo booth, and you can watch a tutorial in the Fighting Ground to unlock a special Wyvern Jawblade avatar gear. On April 8, a new Street Voter event will run and ask players to choose their favorite Monster Hunter weapon, with all voters getting 2,000 Drive Tickets.

So, while you can currently go and grab multiple pieces of Monster Hunter gear to use on your SF6 avatar, with weapons being equippable together for new combination looks, another franchise also teased a crossover. 

In a video posted to the Honkai: Star Rail social pages, miHoYo shared a version of the SF6 character select screen that included the game’s mascot Pom-Pom and a custom mecha-inspired version of the character preparing to face off against Chun-Li. “Fueled by boundless energy and a fiery spirit, Pom-Pom has taken to the streets, ready to take on all challengers,” the post says. “Can Pom-Pom handle Hundred Lightning Kicks?! Will the powers of the hado match up to the might of the Pom-Pom Power Blast?!”

This is a very well-done April Fools’ joke, and even the main post says “stay tuned to perhaps never know,” but that doesn’t mean we won’t see this crossover happen in the future. 

Capcom has already had crossover content for multiple third-party IP such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SPYxFAMILY, and Baki in SF6 over the last year, so Honkai: Star Rail getting some love isn’t out of the question considering how popular the game is—and its brand manager being the former Arc System Works esports manager. 

Now we just have to wait and see if the Honkai crossover happens while also waiting for Monster Hunter Wilds to release.

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