Warzone streamer seemingly goes to extreme lengths with fake patch notes for April Fools’ Day

Warzone streamer bbreadman went above and beyond for an April Fools’ Day joke by fooling players with fake patch notes.

Bbreadman posted a video on X reviewing what looked like real patch notes for Warzone. “Brother what are they doing with BR?” the streamer asked incredulously. “Maybe I will have to switch to Resurgence.” The patch notes in question included nerfs to the RAM-9 and HRM-9 SMGS. Those changes were relatively normal and could be expected from a real update. However, it became quite clear the streamer was trying to pull a fast one when the notes changed cash registers to give out ammunition instead of money. And breaking windows now gives you $1,000 per window. For the icing on the cake, bbreadman included a fake note from the devs.

Warzone players landing on a yellow train, with a helicopter flying behind it.
Maybe bbreadman was on to something here. Image via Activision

“Recently, we realized that some of the server side lag comes from the amount of windows on the map. Instead of taking them all out, we thought it’d be best to have you do it for us,” bbreadman wrote in a fake statement. “We’ve also hotfixed the cash registers to give you ammunition for shooting out those windows.”

Hysterically, bbreadman fooled a few players in the comment section. “They just doing whatever with the BR now,” one player responded. went from playing for wins, to playing for kills… now I’m playing for Windows?” And they weren’t alone in falling for the ruse. “This is a bad call,” a second user added.

They could have easily bought into the bit and were just going with it, but bbreadman deserves credit for the effort he put into this trick. The streamer used the same font and format and manipulated it to look like the actual website. If the last change calling for a war on windows wasn’t so absurd, he could have easily fooled everyone. Plenty of CoD community members attempted April Fools’ Day jokes, but bbreadman might have won the day with his impressively executed ruse.

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