T1 vs. G2 was exactly what LoL fans needed to get hooked on MSI 2024

International League of Legends competitions can be a lot to watch from start to finish unless you’re a die-hard fan. But today’s match between current world champions T1 and EMEA powerhouse G2 Esports at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational was a series that should have excited even the most casual viewers.

With over one million peak viewers worldwide, according to EsportsCharts, this match was the most popular of League’s MSI 2024 so far. And those numbers are bound to go up as the grand finals draw near, where fans can expect a jaw-dropping opening ceremony. Regardless, today’s match between G2 and T1 in the first round of the MSI bracket stage was undoubtedly the most exciting of the tournament so far, captivating fans worldwide with an intense series that went all the way to a fifth game.

G2 Esports posing together as a team at MSI 2024
Everyone on G2 had incredible individual performances during the series. Photo by Liu YiCun via Riot Games

This series between G2 and T1 marked their first best-of-five encounter at an international event since MSI 2019, where G2 won 3-1 to propel them to take home the tournament title. And EMEA fans hoped to witness a similar triumph this year, starting with this match against the current world champions—but that was not the case.

The series began with T1 securing the first game, despite G2 mid laner Caps scoring an impressive solo kill on Faker for first blood. But G2 quickly bounced back in game two, displaying patience and strategic play to even the score. G2 then gained momentum, reaching match point with a dominant performance in game three, showcasing their ability to shut down the world champions in relentless teamfights. Yet T1 rallied in game four, capitalizing on G2’s mistakes to force the series to a decisive game five.

Throughout the series, both teams showcased unconventional champion picks like Kog’Maw, Vel’Koz, and Yasuo—signature choices from G2. But it was in game five where both teams truly showcased their skill and prowess, demonstrating why they’re regarded as among the best in the world. The game remained intensely close until the very end, with neither team gaining a clear advantage even at the 30-minute mark. Every move became critical, with a single fight potentially deciding the outcome of the entire series.

While G2 were finding individual kills on T1, the world champs’ superior poke damage paired with the Baron buff enabled them to apply relentless pressure on their opponents, gradually securing double inhibitors. In one final fight, T1 picked off G2’s players one by one, clinching the series victory in one swift move.

With this loss, G2 find themselves relegated to the lower bracket of MSI 2024, where they’ll face PSG Talon, who demonstrated a strong performance against BLG yesterday. Meanwhile, T1 advance to face off against the LPL’s first seed in what will be a rematch of the MSI 2023 semifinal.

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