TFT 14.14 Patch notes – All early balance changes

Patch 14.14 is the final Teamfight Tactics update for Set 11 Inkborn Fables, better known as the “for fun” patch. Balance changes applied here by the Riot Live balance team are extreme and are not applied to competitive organized play.

Here’s all the details in the big “for fun” TFT update.

What’s different about TFT Patch 14.14?

The last update of a TFT set lets loose on the meta through memes, jokes, and fun gameplay. Malphite, for example, had his attack speed significantly increased so you can reroll the one-cost and potentially win a lobby with the Behemoth champion. The team also included some jokes, nerfing the attack damage on Yone and Bard by one.

All early changes will likely remain the same when Patch 14.14 goes live but if any adjustments are made we’ll be sure to update them. The Patch 14.14 early balance changes are courtesy of the Patch Rundown, run by Roger Caudill and Keaton Gill while Mortdog is out of town.

TFT Patch 14.14 system changes

Sett getting buff
Get big with Sett. Image via Riot Games

Honoring the TFT Set 11 mechanic, Encounters, every game will have five Encounters. The team increased the chances of 12 Encounters showing up more while reducing two. Here’s every change to Encounters in Patch 14.14.

  • Dancing with Kobuko offers more rewards
  • Tristana grants more gold
  • Tahm Kench needs fewer fish for his maximum loot reward
  • 12 Encounters will appear more often: Darius, Kobuko, Jax, Kai’Sa, Kha’Zix, Lee Sin, Ornn, Sett, Tristana, Yorick, Zoe, and Zyra
  • Two Encounters will appear less often: Ashe and Yorick

All TFT Patch 14.14 trait balance changes

Set 11 traits Behemoth and Warden had an extra breakpoint added for fun. Fortune cashouts are easier and better. And with Mortdog out of the office for July while he and the family move, the team tweaked Sniper damage.

  • Behemoth: The trait now has a maximum breakpoint of eight, granting 115 armor and magic resistance, along with an increase of champion size by 50 percent.
  • Fortune: Stage three Base Luck was increased from two to three
  • Fortune: Maximum cashout Luck breakpoint was decreased from 250 to 225
  • Sniper: Damage increase per Hex was nerfed from 8/18/35 to 8/17.9/34.7 percent
  • Warden: The trait now has a max breakpoint of eight, granting a 45 percent damage reduction while revealing your upcoming opponents.

All TFT Patch 14.14 champion balance changes

Multiple one-cost champions were buffed in Patch 14.14, but I’m most excited to reroll Riven as she was borderline a competitive reroll option before her mana was buffed.

One-cost champions

Champion Patch 14.14 balance change
Jax Mana buffed from 20/60 to 0/40
Kobuko Attack speed buffed to 0.6
Malphite Attack speed buffed to 0.65
Rek’Sai Mana adjusted from 40/90 to 40/80
Rek’Sai Ability damage health ratio buffed from 12 to 15 percent
Sivir Ability duration buffed from 6/7/8 to 6/8/10 seconds
Yasuo Ability shield, armor, and magic resistance scaling buffed from 50/60/75 to 60/75/100 percent

Two-cost champions

Champion Patch 14.14 balance change
Aatrox Ability healing buffed from 120/150/200 to 180/210/270 percent
Riven Mana buffed from 0/25 to 0/20

Three-cost champions

Champion Patch 14.14 balance change
Alune Attack damage increased from 40 to 55
Bard Attack damage nerfed from 55 to 54
Diana Ability on-hit damage buffed from 75/110/180 to 90/135/220 percent
Yone Attack damage nerfed from 65 to 64

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