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Set in a bold new sci-fi world that could rival Star Wars, Concord brings together a rag-tag group of gunners hellbent on completing team-based objectives in various modes. While everyone likely wants to give it a go, it’s only on two platforms.

Here’s all the platform choices you have if you want to play Concord.

Concord: All platforms

Concord character holding a big weapon.
You have only two options. Image via Sony.

Concord will actually only be available on two platforms when it officially launches on Friday, Aug. 23: PlayStation 5 and PC through Steam and Epic Games Store.

While you can play Concord on PC, you must have a PlayStation Network account to do so. This is because Concord offers crossplay and cross-progression between PS5 consoles and PC. So, you’ll be able to team up with friends and continue where you left off, regardless of which platform you decide to play on.

The title is locked behind next-gen capabilities too; although Concord is being developed and published by a Sony division, Firewalk Studios, it won’t be on PlayStation 4. This is because the older model PlayStation can’t meet system requirements.

Another reason for the lack of a PS4 version is Sony is slowly phasing out PS4 games in favor of next-gen releases on PS5 and the upcoming PS5 Pro.

Will Concord ever be released on Xbox?

With the publisher in mind, Concord is unlikely to be available on Xbox consoles. Typically, when a Sony division develops a game, it’s exclusive to PC and PlayStation, and the same goes for Microsoft titles—they tend to be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Concord could come to Xbox once exclusivity ends, but it may take years for the port to come together if Sony wants to expand Concord’s playerbase.

For now, Concord will only be available on PC and PS5 when it launches on Aug. 23.

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