‘In shambles’: Pokémon streamer’s Shiny slip-up will have every fan cringing

It takes a whole lot of luck and dedication to find Shiny Pokémon, but one streamer’s incredible Shiny luck ended in total disaster every long-term player will hate to see.

When it comes to Shiny hunting in Pokémon, one of the worst things you can do is lose the Shiny with an accidental misclick. This typically means knocking out the wild Shiny, running from it, or resetting your game, depending on the situation and which Pokémon you’re hunting. Shiny hunter and streamer Aelfgar happened to be hunting the Gen III Grass Starter, Treecko, in Pokémon Sapphire while running four games at once.

Since the target Shiny was a Hoenn Starter, the streamer had to constantly reset at the beginning of the game when you’re prompted to choose between Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip to save Professor Birch from a wild Poochyena.

Eventually, after five long days of hunting, Aelfgar did run into the Shiny Treecko he’d been looking for. In fact, he encountered two at the very same time between the four games he was running, but everything went south before he could celebrate. As seen in the viral clip shared by the streamer on X (formerly Twitter) on July 9, Aelfgar caught a glimpse of two Shiny Treecko on his screen before all the games reset. The streamer screamed in shock and later vowed to “never ever reset early ever again.”

Naturally, the Pokémon community also felt the pain upon seeing the loss of two Shinies, but at least they had some fun with it. “I hate to say it, but this may be the clip you’re known for for the rest of time,” one fan joked. “Throwing and not even for content, this is PAINFUL BROTHER,” another commented.

Aelfgar has since stated the two Shiny Treecko from the clip were “likely RNG clones,” but that didn’t discourage him from trying again the next day. This time around, only one Shiny Treecko made an appearance, but the streamer made sure to catch it instead of hitting the reset button, in what he dubbed “the craziest 24 hours of [his] life.”

Indeed, this would be a roller coaster of emotions for any Shiny hunter, but at least this one ended on a positive note. The community showed their support for Aelfgar, calling this the “Shiny runback” and “fastest reclaim of all time.” Hopefully that Shiny luck will continue or else we may see another devastating clip go viral.

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