The First Descendant fans demand vote-to-kick feature for loot-leeching AFK players

The First Descendant fans have today called for NEXON to add a vote-to-kick feature as soon as possible as the number of inactive players simply loading into missions to collect rewards while others actually do the work continues to grow.

Like all looter-shooters, there comes a time when you simply have to dig in and grind for the materials you need to level weapons and gear. It can be a bit tedious, of course, and some players have decided that instead of rolling up their sleeves, they want to just tag along, do the bare minimum, and in some case AFK in missions just to collect loot.

Valby looking up in The First Descendant.
There are pros and cons to a vote-to-kick feature. Image via Nexon Games

It’s happened so often that The First Descendant players have become fed up and are very loudly demanding the ability to vote to kick these “loot-leeching” teammates.

One of the core problems with The First Descendant‘s early days has been that no matter how much or how little you contribute to a mission, you get the same rewards as everyone else in the premade party. This has created the “unfair” imbalance.

There are issues with any vote-to-kick feature being added, of course. Some TFD players already fear it would be wielded with malice, and used on teammates just having a bad game as well as those actually putting in little effort. Other players agreed it would probably also be used to brutally eject anyone with a low-level build alongside proper “leechers.”

I think a better solution would be a contribution-based system that hands out rewards based on your damage, assistance, tanking, and healing. Because Descendants can be split into Tanks, DPS, and Healers, a system like this won’t just give all the rewards to the damage dealers. This, paired with some kind of activity tracker—like a proper AFK timer some players suggested on social media today—could solve most issues.

Unfortunately, until NEXON decides to respond (which it hasn’t done yet) then just dragging along these lifeless teammates is probably the best we can do.

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