The Rogue Prince of Persia delayed following success of Hades 2’s release

Evil Empire, the studio behind The Rogue Prince of Persia, has decided to delay the early access launch of its game due to the recent release of Hades 2, the devs announced today.

The team behind this title said it made this decision because one of the most anticipated games of the year in the same genre launched just before The Rogue Prince of Persia would have also become available. The studio still intends to release its upcoming game in May, but an exact date has not been announced yet.

A screenshot of the announcement that The Rogue Prince of Persia game has been delayed.
The release of Hades 2 played a big part in this decision, according to the devs. Screenshot by Dot Esports via @Studio_Evil on Twitter/X

Evil Empire revealed this news on its official Twitter/X account, where it posted a letter outlining the reasoning behind this decision. The devs also said they’ll use this time to polish The Rogue Prince of Persia a little more. They ended this letter by apologizing for the inconvenience and thanking the fans for their patience.

Several users responded to the post, praising the studio for making this difficult decision. Many roguelite players accepted the studio’s choice to reschedule the release date, recognizing the success of a title like Hades 2, which has garnered a significant following for Supergiant Games since it launched on May 6.

This isn’t the first indie-related reaction to the Hades 2 shadow drop, either. Popular indie developer Richie de Wit, an active member of that community, expressed his disdain toward the shadow drop of Hades 2, arguing that it disrespects other smaller studios that planned their releases with almost no marketing budgets.

With the first Hades game, Supergiant Games gained even more recognition. Despite releasing other titles like Bastion, Pyre, and Transistor, the most praised among all these games was Hades, which launched in 2018 as one of the best games of the year.

The Rogue Prince of Persia will combine the roguelite genre with its popular character’s acrobatic movements. In this title, the prince will have to face off against the Hun army, which has received strange powers thanks to dark magic that makes the enemies more powerful.

Fans who are looking forward to trying out this upcoming title will have to wait for the devs to confirm The Rogue Prince of Persia’s new release date.

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