This annoying LoL top laner is still dominating Iron

Iron is an intriguing rank in League of Legends, where odd picks often dominate the meta. The same can be said for this patch.

For at least the last five patches, Yorick has been sitting at the top of Iron’s standings in the top lane. At the time of writing, he has a jaw-dropping 55.23 percent win rate in Patch 14.13, according to a League stats site U.GG.

And Yorick doesn’t have a low pick rate, either. He’s been picked in an impressive 6.3 percent of Iron matches. Meanwhile, he’s been banned in almost twice as many matches, totaling 11.2 percent of games.

Spirit Blossom Yorick Splash Art in League of Legends.
Yorick can easily overpower enemies in one-on-one combat. Image via Riot Games

Yorick isn’t the best pick for high-ranked or competitive players since you can easily counter him. But that clearly hasn’t stopped the champion from dominating in the lowest rank.

Yorick’s low-rank prowess likely comes from his unique kit, which allows players to overwhelm their enemy top laner with his ghouls. When forced to deal with additional ghouls, minions, and possible pressure from a jungler, many low-ranked top laners struggle to come out of the laning phase unharmed. Yorick can quickly become an unstoppable bruiser if he gets a headstart in the landing phase.

If you’re having issues when facing Yorick yourself, we advise you to pick a champion like Tryndamere, Urgot, Trundle, or Jax. These should make trading with Yorick easier, and you should be able to outplay the enemy in a one-vs-one skirmish after reaching level six.

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