How to get and use the MP Collector Module in The First Descendant

The First Descendant is full of loot to collect to maximize your build, and the MP Collector Module can be a huge help, so where do you get it? We have the answer.

Modules in The First Descendant provide stat bonuses to both your Descendant and your weapons, depending on the Module type, and are vital to assembling the best build possible, though it can be quite a grind.

If you’ve earmarked the MP Collector Module as something you need for your build in The First Descendant, we’ll tell you where to go to get it.

Where to get the MP Collector Module in The First Descendant

A screenshot of the First Descendant map showing a location.
One potential farming zone. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are several ways to get the MP Collector Module in The First Descendant, but the odds of earning this particular drop aren’t made clear with every method—though we know the Void Fusion Reactor in the Vesper Ruins has a two percent drop chance.

The Void Fusion Reactor in Vesper Ruins requires 11 Polmer Void Shards and four Monomer Void Shard every time you launch it, so expect to spend a lot of time farming for Void Shards.

This isn’t the only way to earn the MP Collector Module, however, as it can also be rewarded for completing the White-night Gulch Border Line of Truth mission and from Mission Monsters in both the Vesper and White-night Gulch regions.

If you get lucky and earn the MP Collector Module for yourself, the next step is taking advantage of its bonuses and using it.

How to use the MP Collector Module in The First Descendant

The MP Collector Module in The First Descendant is a Descendant Module and must be equipped to your Descendant to be active. Due to its capacity cost of six, it may take some changes to make this Module fit into your build.

The MP Collector Module is a highly recommended Module for any Descendant, however, as it provides a four percent chance of recovering 12.2 percent of maximum MP when defeating an enemy—so it is viable in almost every build in The First Descendant.

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