Last Epoch season two release countdown – Exact start time and date for Harbingers of Ruin

Last Epoch’s new season is nearly here. Harbingers of Ruin adds a new Pinnacle Boss, 10 Harbingers to fight in each of the 10 Monolith timelines, a new faction, a Nemesis system, and a whole host of gameplay changes. Keep reading if you’re wondering exactly when Last Epoch season two begins.

Last Epoch season two exact time and start date

Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin season two logo and key art
Season two is just around the corner. Image via Last Epoch YouTube

Last Epoch season two starts at 11am CT / 5pm BST on July 9, 2024. When the season begins, you can log in and create a new seasonal character to experience all the new features. If you’re eager to play, keep an eye on the timer below and try to log in when the servers go live.

Last Epoch season two countdown

There were widespread login issues and server problems during the first few days of Last Epoch’s season one launch, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself struggling to play shortly after season two launches. It’s very possible the servers will be overwhelmed again.

We strongly recommend you don’t book time off work to play Last Epoch season two for at least the first day or two after it launches, otherwise you might be disappointed.

Season one lasted just over four and a half months, with Last Epoch 1.0 launching on Feb. 24 to a mostly positive reception, so season two will probably run until the end of the year.

For a full list of changes coming in Last Epoch season two—including the much-anticipated dodge ability—check out the full changelog on the official site.

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