Wuthering Waves reveals new 5-star characters coming in 1.2

With players enjoying new content in Wuthering Waves version 1.1, KuroGames decided to reveal the new five-star characters set to release in version 1.2—and the players love their designs. 

KuroGames shared marketing of the upcoming 1.2 five-star characters on its official X (formerly Twitter), leaving the Wuthering Waves player base in awe. The official post reveals Xiangli Yao and Zhezhi as new five-star playable characters set to release in version 1.2.

Multiple characters walking together in Wuthering Waves.
The roster keeps getting bigger and bigger. Image via KuroGames

Although we never met Zhezhi in the story, we saw Xiangli Yao in the capital city of Huanglong. He’s the Principal Investigator of Huaxu Academy in Jinzhou, and as an expert in the research of Automata Mechanics, Xiangli Yao is a very close colleague to Mortefi. Thanks to his unique robotic design, Xiangli Yao immediately won the hearts of many players. 

“His Cyberpunk parts look sick,” one player commented on Wuthering Waves’ official X post.

And while that goes to show that players are excited for Xiangli Yao, many others are more interested in the other five-star character, Zhezhi. 

“She’s so cute! I love her design,” another player commented on Wuthering Waves’ X post.

While Wuthering Waves certainly got off to a rocky start, it completely redeemed itself with the 1.1 update, and given that now we got the official reveal of the new 1.2 five-stars, it’s safe to say a bright future ahead.

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