How to complete Jack Grealish and Jordan Henderson Showdown SBC in EA FC 24

Here’s a pair of SBCs no one was expecting. The semi-finals of Euro 2024 and Copa America are just around the corner, but instead of a Showdown for these, EA FC 24 has something else in mind—the Jack Grealish vs. Jordan Henderson FUT Showdown.

Both these players are English, and neither of them are even in England’s squad for Euro 2024, so what gives? The Jack Grealish vs. Jordan Henderson Showdown in EA FC 24 is actually tied to the EA FC Pro World Championship, an upcoming esports event that will crown the world champion of EA FC 24.

This is a clever way of engaging the audience and increasing their interest in the Pro World Championship, so you’ll hear no hate from us. It also means we get a pair of cheap SBCs with the upgrade potential to develop into a decent player for your FUT squad.

How to complete Jack Grealish Showdown SBC in Ultimate Team

You need to submit a single squad with the following requirements to get Grealish:

  • Min. one Manchester City player
  • Min. 87 OVR

Though it is the more expensive SBC by a significant margin, this squad will only cost you around 60,000 coins. As we said, these are very cheap.

How to complete Jordan Henderson Showdown SBC in Ultimate Team

Once again, you just need one squad for Showdown Henderson. The requirements are:

  • Min. one English player
  • Min. 86 OVR

This SBC barely cracks 40,000 coins in worth, so even if the Showdown doesn’t go perfectly for you, it’s not much of a loss.

Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham in EA FC 24 clapping his hands, with bright lights above him.
England moved on from Grealish and Henderson for Euro 2024, instead relying on young stars like Jude Bellingham. Image via EA

Jack Grealish vs. Jordan Henderson Showdown: Who to pick

Which player receives a +2 OVR upgrade will be determined by the outcome of the Tekkz vs. Maxkoelemaij group stage game at the FC Pro World Championship. Tekkz has a more impressive resume, but both players’ forms have been shaky in 2024, which makes predicting the winner a bit of a crapshoot.

If you don’t want to do both SBCs, we recommend going for Henderson. He’s cheaper and has better utility as a defensive midfielder than Grealish would have as a winger this deep into EA FC 24’s life cycle. With the Tekkz vs. Maxkoelemaij game so open, minimizing your investment and potentially getting a very usable central midfielder seems the best option.

The ongoing season seven of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team presents a similar choice at a much higher level. You can have either GOTG Icon Steven Gerrard or End of an Era Toni Kroos in your FUT squad, as long as you’ve completed the necessary steps to reach that choice.

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