Zenless Zone Zero – All HIA Commemorative Coin locations in Lumina Square in ZZZ

To reach every level milestone in Zenless Zone Zero, you must complete as many side commissions as possible, even if they entail collecting worthless coins for a man living inside a trash can.

Belle and Wise are swamped in Zenless Zone Zero. Juggling their critical duties of keeping Agents alive in the Hollows and running a video club, they still have to find time for random activities to keep those precious EXP points flowing. This sometimes means cozying up to the giant cat cop Officer Mewmew for medals, but other times, it’s just a sprint around Lumina Square hunting down HIA Commemorative Coins. In this guide, I’ll show you how to find every HIA Commemorative Coin on Lumina Square in Zenless Zone Zero.

ZZZ: How to get all HIA Commemorative Coins in Lumina Square

HIA Commemorative coin iN Flower bed in ZZZ
Sleeping comfy. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To find HIA Commemorative Coins in Zenless Zone Zero, always ask the Sage in a Barrel for instructions and look out for gray speech bubbles on top of NPCs or glowing sparkles on weird items. If you pay close attention as you walk by, you can also spot NPCs giving you clues.

Below, you can find a list with every HIA Commemorative Coin location in Lumina Square, but keep in mind that the order in which these coins spawn for you might not be the same as mine.

HIA Commemorative Coin Time of day Location How to get it
1 Morning Flower bed in front of the Police Station Look for a flower bed in front of the Police Station and interact with the odd glow. There’s an old lady asking if the coin’s material would damage the soil.
2 Morning Bicycle in the bicycle parking lot Interact with the red bike in the bicycle parking lot. A man is saying, “So it isn’t a bicycle part,” next to it.
3 Morning Emmie, in the coffee shop alley In an alleyway next to the coffee shop, talk to the kid (Emmie) next to the water.
4 Morning Granny Leisha, across the street from the Sage in a Barrel Talk to Granny Leisha, an old lady in dark green clothes, muttering “So shiny, is it my ring?” to herself.
5 Afternoon Lilac, right outside the HIA building Talk to the girl named Lilac to the entrance’s right.
6 Afternoon Green advertising board, outside of the Grocery Store Interact with the advertising board with TODAY’S SPECIALS outside of the Grocery Store.
7 Afternoon Orlenda, outside of JC Pharmacy Interact with the pink-haired girl named Orlenda outside of JC Pharmacy.
8 Afternoon Broken Toy in the amusement park behind the coffee shop Look for a green Broken Toy in the Amusement park behind the coffee shop. There’s also a pink-haired girl nearby.
9 Evening Manhole cover, behind a bus stop. Interact with the manhole cover in front of a red-haired man behind the bus stop. He’s saying “I thought it was a decoration.” 
10 Evening Tarshi, the street singer in front of the statue Speak to Tarshi, the street singer with a guitar to get the eighth HIA Commemorative Coin.
11 Evening Tire in the amusement park behind the coffee shop Look at the pile of tires next to the stairs in the amusement park. A green-haired boy is yelling “This is where the treasure’s at!” nearby.
12 Evening In front of HIA building Speak with Lynn, a dark-haired girl with glasses standing in front of the HIA building.
13 Midnight Casey, in front of the HIA building Speak to Casey in the parking lot. He’s right next to a palm tree with a yellow sign.
14 Midnight Air Conditioner, in an alleyway in front of the HIA building Right in front of the HIA building, you can find a narrow alley. To its right lies an Air Conditioner with an odd glow.
15 Midnight Ruby, in front of the HIA building Speak with Ruby, a blonde, short-haired woman in front of the HIA building

What to do with HIA Commemorative Coins on Sixth Street

Turn in your HIA Commemorative Coins to the Sage in a Barrel in Lumina Square to get Legendary Investigator Logs, W-Engine Energy, and Denny rewards in Zenless Zone Zero. There aren’t reward milestones like with Officer Mewmew’s medals, but the more HIA Commemorative Coins you hand this ominous figure, the more rewards you get.

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