This brilliant indie puzzle game is now on Xbox Game Pass

If decoding fictional languages sounds right up your alley, Focus Entertainment’s indie adventure puzzle game Chants of Sennaar totally deserves your attention—especially now that the instant puzzle-solving classic is on Xbox Game Pass.

Chants of Sennaar has been available on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, for some time, but if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription you can now play it for free on PC or Xbox. It was today added to the Game Pass library on May 15, eight months after its initial release in September 2023.

Puzzles in Chants of Sennar
A treasure trove of lovely puzzles. Image via Focus Entertainment

Well, when we say “free,” you obviously do have to pay a monthly fee to keep the Game Pass subscription, but you can avoid paying a tag of $19.99 USD for just one game with it. Needless to say, $10 a month is a great deal for those who play a lot of titles and don’t mind subscribing to games instead of owning them.

It’s even more worthwhile when you get to Chants of Sennaar too. It’s a brilliantly designed experience, requiring players to exercise their puzzle-solving skills against lingual puzzles. The goal is to reunite the Peoples of the Tower, who no longer speak to each other due to differences in dialects. As the Traveler meant to bring them together, you will decode fictional languages using intriguing clues and a trusty little Notebook that tracks everything you encounter. If you’re a puzzler, we guarantee you’ll fall in love.

Despite being an indie title, Chants of Sennaar was nominated for several honorable awards, including the Xbox Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards, the Games for Impact at the Game Awards, and more. In fact, it’s regarded as the best puzzle game of 2023—and one of the best in its genre of all time.

Thanks to its inclusion on Xbox Game Pass, Chants of Sennaar will surely reach a greater audience, helping the underrated experience hit its peaks.

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