Tilted Towers returns: Fortnite Reload event brings back the original map again

It’s time to hot drop Tilted again, baby, because the OG map is coming back in a new form this weekend for Fortnite’s Reload event.

The limited-time mode for summer won’t include the full OG map but a small slice of it that includes all-time favorite location Tilted Towers and other popular points of interest from the battle royale’s map that started the sensation way back in 2018.

In a short teaser shared today, Epic Games revealed Fortnite Reload will include a new mode and a new map, “a place of high energy” and “forgiveness.” The map includes a section of Fortnite OG, and other POIs like Pleasant Park, Retail Row, Sandy Sheets, and remixed locations Lil’ Loot Lake and Lazy Laps.

This “mini Fortnite OG” mode promises high-octane matches with lots of fights on the small-scale map. Tomorrow’s update will also include a lot more content, such as the ability to unlock Magneto, new shop sections, new weapons, and a potential Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration.

Tilted Towers is a famous POI in Fortnite as it quickly became the place to hot-drop and find immediate fights, lots of loot, and even more enemies in just about any game of battle royale. This mode sounds like it takes that idea and ratchets it all the way up to 11 with the smaller overall map with less area in general.

Leakers like HYPEX are reporting that a summer event will also be coming to the game next week after tomorrow’s update, which will quickly be data mined and full of new stuff coming to the game over the next few weeks and months.

Fortnite brought back its OG map for a season last year, so this is the second time Tilted has returned in recent months. But you likely won’t hear many fans complaining too much about that.

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