TimTheTatman’s encounter with ‘a f*cking hippo’ shows how Elden Ring DLC is going for him

TimTheTatman recently shared a hilarious clip to demonstrate how his Elden Ring run is going so far. Trust me, it’s freaking bonkers.

The famous Twitch streamer known for creating content centered around CoD Warzone took a turn to test his luck against the formidable foes of Elden Ring on June 18.

During a recent stream for the DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, TimTheTatman encountered yet another formidable boss whom he was mildly prepared for, as always. However, the preparation failed again as the boss he went against was none other than the Golden Hippopotamus. The wild beast is known for his headfast attacks and sharp teeth that could easily make a dentist reconsider their career choice.

Poking fun at the situation, Tim shared the moment on X (formerly Twitter), tweeting, “Hey Tim how is Shadow of Erdtree going?” In the chaotic clip, he anticipated danger, informing fans about a potential boss encounter. But as soon as the boss came charging at him, chaos ensued, sending him into panic mode.

“Oh my god, it’s a f*cking hippo. Why does that kinda look like me?” the streamer commented before being attacked. With nowhere to run or hide, he watched as his character was chewed in half and immediately died, providing us with some excellent commentary as it all unfolded: “Oh my god, he’s eating me! What on Earth, dude.”

TimTheTatman edited poster of Elden Ring.
This was one unforgettable moment in Tim’s Elden Ring adventure. Image via TimTheTatman on X

This wild clip got a bunch of funny replies, with one user stating, “Average Elden Ring experience for those who don’t know.” Another user joked, “Lasted about as long as the Cowboy’s playoff chances.” As for Tim, he took it all in stride, laughing along with the chat as he fell to the mighty hippopotamus.

While the whole Twitch community is following the bandwagon of completing the latest Elden Ring DLC, Tim is by far on the top of my list for the best to ever do it.

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