Which LoL champion says ‘Embrace the darkness’? LoLdle quote June 23 answer

For the second time in the last three days, today’s LoLdle quote is only three words long. Despite this, most League of Legends fans shouldn’t struggle to quickly solve this one if they focus on the key clue.

Who says “Embrace the darkness” in LoL?

The LoLdle quote for June 23 is “Embrace the darkness.” The League champion who says this is Nocturne.

Screenshot of the LoLdle quote answer on June 23, 2024.
Two straight one-shot, first-in-the-world answers. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The word of emphasis in this quote is “darkness.” I admittedly hadn’t heard Nocturne say this voice line before tonight, but I’ve obviously heard his iconic “darkness” shout when he casts his ultimate ability many, many times over the years—mostly in scenarios where I’m getting sent to the gray screen just a few seconds later.

It turns out, Nocturne says “Embrace the darkness” when he’s picked in champion select, so it makes sense that I was unfamiliar with this particular line. Nevertheless, if you just focus on the “darkness” aspect of this short quote, Nocturne should be a relatively straightforward guess early on in your daily LoLdle journey.

Several consecutive LoLdle quotes now have been rather simple, in my opinion. Yesterday’s LoLdle quote was similar to today’s in the sense that one word was the key to quickly solving this puzzle. And the quotes for the two days before yesterday followed that same trend. At this point, I’m just trying to stay optimistic that LoLdle is going to increase the difficulty of these daily quotes just a tad very soon.

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