Todd’s tease: Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC finally has a release window

Bethesda director and producer Todd Howard has finally given Starfield fans the news they’ve been waiting for: The game’s first DLC, Shattered Space, will land in players’ hands this fall.

Howard confirmed the DLC’s vague launch window for fall via an interview with Kinda Funny Games host Greg Miller on April 29. Among the many topics discussed, Howard revealed the team had been hard at work on the DLC and that fans wouldn’t be waiting too much longer. Howard didn’t give any kind of exact date during the interview, but at the very least we now know roughly when we can expect the DLC to arrive.

After the 2023 Christmas break, Bethesda got right to work in 2024 working on fixing the bucketloads of bugs and issues players had encountered with Starfield. While the vast majority of updates avoided adding any huge new content, many players returned to the spacefaring title purely due to the fact they were able to play again; in particular, many PC players had struggled to run the game prior to the Feb. 20 update.

But now, we’re gearing up for Shattered Space, which was originally hinted at arriving in the back end of 2023, then in the first few months of 2024. As rumors of a release quickly spread, many players began shipping their DLC wishlists to Bethesda—including the addition of piloting mechs to personal space outposts.

Many are hoping the hinted-at “new way to travel” will be included in the Shattered Space DLC, which we received word of back in December. Fortunately, some of these features may be coming sooner than the DLC with Howard revealing the team was preparing an announcement for an update later this week—an entirely separate update to the DLC.

Howard also touched more on the Starfield Creation Kit, an important tool for modders wanting to make their own Starfield experience in-universe, as well as many other features coming to Starfield across the rest of 2024 and beyond.

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