Upcoming indie farming sim ‘alienates’ target audience by posting about breast physics

Farm Folks developers Crytivo have come under heavy backlash on social media today after asking fans for feedback on “breast jiggle physics,” with many once-eager fans condemning the post as a very weird joke for a cozy farming sim game.

Community involvement will always be a double-edged sword for devs. However, many would agree there would be more appropriate ways to start discussions on character appearances than asking which of three videos has perfect “jiggle physics” on X (formerly Twitter), especially when your upcoming game has a target audience that is made up mostly of women—but that’s exactly what Crytivo did today. The original post has now been deleted, but KotakuInAction shared screenshots of the tweet on April 29.

Screenshot of Farm Folk's tweet about jiggle physics and comments
It’s not looking so good. Image via KotakuInAction on Reddit

Many community members were shocked, disappointed, and even a little weirded out by Crytivo’s post, with many immediately suggesting this is far from what they want to see for a cozy farming sim game. One player even said, “It’s unnecessary to have any at all.” And considering this isn’t an option in any farming sim game on the market, they may be right.

The devs responded to the immediate backlash by suggesting that players have been “paying attention and asking to add more real-time physics and body shapes.” From the comments on an additional post from the devs in the Unity3D subreddit, this seems to be the case, as people were commenting on which of the options they’d like to see or if they’d want to see any at all. As the results varied, the devs thought that “leaving [this] setting for players to chose [the percentage] for their preferences” might be the best option so players can choose if this is something they’d like to see or not see.

It is unclear whether the devs were hoping for similar feedback on X and other social platforms, but it certainly didn’t land with their target audience. And, the follow-up comment asking if everyone wanted to see what “150 percent” looked like took it too far and made some players feel like this was “greasy” and in “such poor taste.”

Although the developers later issued an apology statement on April 30 after the considerable backlash mounted up, it wasn’t enough; the damage has been done, with many players adding they believe this was “even an apology.” Some have even scratched Farm Folks from their want-to-buy lists after the whole incident.

The Farm Folks devs have made no further comments on the situation.

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