VALORANT players explain ‘unwritten rule’ for aces to avoid toxic backlash

One of the most exciting things you can do in VALORANT is get an ace. But sometimes, you or your teammate might not know what the proper etiquette is when it comes to these hyped moments.

Aces in VALORANT aren’t easy. You must get five kills in a round, which typically means killing the entire enemy team yourself unless Clove’s ultimate or Sage’s resurrections are involved. In other words, aces require skill, focus, luck, and sometimes help from your team. Oftentimes, you’ll see players either using themselves as bait or hanging back when their teammate needs one or two more kills to give them a chance at an ace. This is cute and supportive, but it’s not an official rule or obligation to hold back for the sake of someone else’s ace. That being said, there are some “unwritten rules” to consider when an opportunity for an ace arises.

Omen and Viper aiming their guns on Icebox in VALORANT.
Help your teammate ace and win the round. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In a July 4 Reddit thread, VALORANT players discussed what they do when it looks like a teammate might get an ace—and it really depends on the situation. In casual modes, for example, winning or losing the match doesn’t affect your rank, so it’s generally more expected for you to let someone ace if they have three or four kills. In fact, some players see it as “a dick move” to intentionally steal an ace. They might even flip out and start being toxic toward you.

Ranked games are a completely different story, though. With your rank on the line, winning is the top priority, but aces are still very possible. As one player explained, it’s easier to let someone ace if your team has a large number advantage. Otherwise, it’s safer to let anyone get the final kills and not throw the round. Another comment pointed out how higher-ranked lobbies may care more about winning the round than getting the ace, so there are a lot of factors like this to consider. When in doubt, communicate with your team to determine whether it’s best to play it safe or risk it for the ace. Try to read the room and be on the same page as your team to avoid arguments over a missed ace or lost round.

And if you’re the one who wants to go for the ace, players suggest calling that out to your team. It’s easy to get caught up in all the chaos and not realize when someone is one or two kills away from an ace. So don’t get mad when a teammate unknowingly steals your last kill if you didn’t give them a heads-up.

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