Valve primed to take on Overwatch, Marvel Rivals with its own 6-vs-6 hero shooter, leaker claims

The next game by Counter-Strike and Half Life developer Valve is a six-vs-six hero shooter named Deadlock, according to a purported leak.

Valve has yet to take on the hero shooter genre, but that’s about to change, according to leaker @gabefollower on Twitter/X. The game is reportedly a competitive, third-person, hero-based shooter that has a “fantasy setting mixed with steampunk.”

Half-Life 2 protagonists Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance.
Image via Valve

The leaker says that the game was previously known as Neon Prime and Citadel, and it will also feature usable abilities and items, “magicians, weird creaturesd and robots,” and “fast travel using floating rails, similar to BioShock Infinite.”

Deadlock is planned to feature “fast-paced, interesting ADHD gameplay,” according to gabefollower, and will be like “a combination of Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite,” and “Orcs Must Die.”

It didn’t take long for Twitter/X users to find that there’s a potential account for the game, @playdeadlock, that was just created last month, so it’s looking like this leak may end up being true.

gabefollower says that the hero design is “pretty much inspired by Dota” and that it initially had “sci-fi elements inspired by Half-Life and Portal, but after bad feedback dev team decided to focus on fantasy.”

This is a developing story and is currently being updated in real time.

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