‘We might lose to TL’: Gumayusi, T1 rushing through mid-MSI overhaul to stay in contention

The reigning world champion T1 are in a pickle after losing to BLG at MSI 2024. AD carry Gumayusi says the team has to undergo a “complete overhaul” or they might lose to their next opponent, Team Liquid.

In an interview with Korizon’s Ashley Kang on May 12, Gumayusi said, “I think we might win easily if we can do what we do best, but if we go into the series against TL without patching our weaknesses, I also think we might end up losing,” reflecting on T1’s immediate need for preparations to gear up for their upcoming do-or-die MSI series.

Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyeong of T1 during MSI 2024.
Gumayusi’s impressive AD carry performances have paved the way for T1. Photo by Lee Aiksoon via Riot Games

Talking about the team’s preparation for the overhaul, Gumayusi expressed T1 need to pay more attention to their early game macro by focusing on the lane swaps that have been taking over professional League of Legends

Gumayusi also talked about “exchanging feedback” on tackling draft-related issues they encountered when BLG banned five mid-lane champions against Faker, forcing him to choose Akali against Tristana. 

Gumayusi further discussed Team Liquid’s playstyle, calling it “quite solid,” and said their jungler UmTi might bring some of his early game setups to the series. UmTi also has a history of playing against T1 in his LCK days while playing for Fredit BRION before moving to LCS and joining Team Liquid alongside Impact, another SKT legend. 

After being relegated to the lower bracket, T1 have to win every match to win their third Mid-Season Invitational, starting with Team Liquid on May 15.

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