What are Emblems in Tarisland and how to use them

Tarisland offers a vast world to explore, and as players venture into the game, searching for various crafting materials and completing quests, they might find themselves accumulating a decent chunk of Emblems.

If you’ve unlocked more than a handful of Emblem Chests, you may be wondering what they’re good for and where those Emblems are headed once you open their chests.

What are Emblems in Tarisland?

Emblem Stones are minor buffs in Tarisland, similar to gems in other MMORPGs, that players can use to give their characters bonuses and enhancements. These Emblems can increase specific stats and allow your character to excel in a particular playstyle.

Emblems come in Emblem Chests that disappear after players open them. While they might not appear in your regular inventory, you’ll find them in the Inscribed Stone menu.

Emblems come in different tiers, sorted by their rarities. As the rarity increases, they provide more powerful bonuses. Low-rarity Emblems typically offer straightforward stat increases, while higher-rarity Emblems often have more conditional effects that can significantly impact your character’s performance in specific situations.

How to use Emblems in Tarisland

Walking across an open area in Tarisland.
You can only choose a select number of Emblems. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can find your Emblem Stones in Tarisland’s Inscribed Stones menu, which is accessible via the “I” hotkey on PC. To use Emblems, simply place them in one of the available Inscription spots. You can swap out Emblems later on and replace them with newly acquired ones.

You can also upgrade Emblems, but a certain level of RNG is involved, as the additional effects you receive are random. In the Inscribed Stones menu, you also have access to the upgrade section.

Overall, there are quite a few Emblem slots in Tarisland, meaning you’ll get to use even more Emblems as you level up and progress toward the late game. Depending on classes and specializations, the best Emblems for you in Tarisland can change drastically. Before committing to Emblem upgrades, I’d recommend settling on a build first.

For those looking to acquire more Emblems quickly, Emblem Chests are also available in the shop for purchase with real money.

If you’re looking to collect as many Emblems as possible, you should also keep an eye on Tarisland codes and some redeemable gifts could contain Emblem chests.

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