Why is Brazil not in EA FC 24? Explained

Former FIFA and now EA FC fans are used to seeing a variety of countries and clubs in the soccer simulator. The game’s wide range often introduced teams and locations many might not have heard of before. So when Brazil suddenly vanished from EA FC 24, it puzzled the player base.

While the absence of a less prominent soccer nation might have gone unnoticed, the disappearance of a heavyweight like Brazil was obvious. There are many agreements and deals that happen behind the scenes, resulting in your favorite clubs and nations being included in EA Sports FC 24, and it looks like Brazil’s trying something different.

Why can’t you find Brazil in EA FC 24?

Vinicius JR. winds up for a shot with defenders in front of him in EA FC 24
Vini Jr. has to brush up his middleman skills and get this deal done for Brazil fans. Image via EA

The main reason why the Brazilian national team and its domestic league are absent from EA FC 24 is due to intellectual property rights and licensing agreements.

Currently, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has licensed its rights to Konami, the developer of the formerly-named Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), now known as eFootball. This agreement likely includes an exclusivity clause, which would explain why the CBF hasn’t permitted EA to include Brazilian teams in what is arguably the world’s most popular soccer simulation game.

If you were to download the latest edition of eFootball, you would indeed find Brazil represented there. Konami and EA are currently engaged in a global bidding war for licenses, a competition that has only intensified since EA decided to end its partnership with FIFA in 2022.

Will Brazil ever come to EA FC?

Haaland in EA FC 24
I guess Haaland will have to do for now. Image via EA

Brazil could return to EA FC in the future, but nothing is certain at this point. When EA had an ongoing partnership with FIFA, licensing concerns were less of an issue. Now that FIFA is no longer part of EA’s future plans—and considering that FIFA might even partner with another developer—the company has been on the edge about securing partnerships.

While there’s hope that Brazil may eventually return to EA FC, there’s also a risk that EA might lose other regions in the process. This is especially true if EA’s competitors start offering more lucrative exclusive rights offers.

Ultimately, these licensing battles are about securing and retaining players. Soccer fans naturally want to play as their favorite teams and national squads. If they can’t do so in EA FC, and if this situation expands to other leagues and countries, players might eventually migrate to another soccer simulator.

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