What is Chained Together? New Only Up-style game goes viral

Heads up, climbing puzzle enthusiasts: A new game has hit Steam for you to conquer—and you won’t want to go it alone.

Chained Together is the newest climbing platformer packed full of exciting challenges and difficult puzzles to solve as you climb to escape Hell itself. While you can play solo, this is definitely the sort of game you’ll want to try with friends. You’ll have to plan ahead, though, as there’s one big drawback when attempting to climb in co-op.

Here’s everything you need to know about Chained Together.

What is Chained Together?

A collection of platforms and pathways dot the sky in Chained Together.
That’s a long way up… Image via Anegar Games

Chained Together is a solo and co-op climbing platformer developed by Anegar Games and launched on June 20, 2024. Those familiar with other large-scale puzzle platformers like Only Up! and It Takes Two will be right at home with the premise here much the same: Climb.

You find yourself beginning in the depths of Hell itself. How you got here isn’t important. What matters is you can escape. Ahead of you lies a collection of platforms, walls, ladders, puzzles, and other obstructions you’ll need to get past to escape the fiery clutches of the deep and win. There are several different levels for you to try, each with its own pathways and obstructions.

Four players chained at the hip rush up a staircase in Chained Together.
Does anyone have the key? Image via Anegar Games

But what makes Chained Together that much more difficult (and fun) is the ability to play with up to four friends. But there’s a catch. You’ll be chained together and must complete each stage as a group attached at the hip. Local multiplayer via split-screen and online co-op is available, and several game modes, like Lava Mode, put you on the clock as you climb together to escape the rising lava.

Early reviews are “Very Positive” with a peak of over 80,000 players achieved on the first weekend following the title’s launch, according to SteamDB. You’ll need a PC to play as the game is only available on Steam; there are no plans to launch the title on console.

Given Only Up! has been taken down, Chained Together might just be the title to sate your puzzle platformer appetite. You can purchase Chained Together for $4.49 from Steam now.

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