What time does Fortnite Reload game mode go live?

If you’re one of those players who desperately wants to cherish the days of old-school Fortnite, your time has finally arrived.

With the latest v30.20 update, the developers have added a new game mode called Fortnite Reload, which you and your squad on a time machine and transports you to the golden era of the game with iconic locations like Tilted Towers and also gives you access to OG weapons to cherish the old days. However, you can’t play the game mode yet as the Fortnite game mode is currently disabled, so when will it be available to play?

When does OG Fortnite reload come out?

Fortnite Reload's map in the game which is smaller compared to other maps in the game.
Smaller map, more intense fun! Image via Epic Games

The OG Fortnite Reload game mode is scheduled to drop at 1 PM CT on June 22 after the first Metallica concert gets over in-game.

Unlike other game modes, Fortnite Reload is a shorter version of the battle royale with 40 players on the small island where Tilted Towers takes center stage of the battle. The zones move faster, and you can self-reboot and spawn into the match after getting downed to join the action instantly after getting eliminated as long one of your teammates is alive in the game.

You can use old weapons like OG Heavy Shotgun, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, and Rocket Launcher, which haven’t made a return to the game for a very long time. Once you reach the end game, you can’t spawn back in the match after being eliminated, so make sure you explore the map in the early game to formulate plans for the late game when it becomes like a traditional battle royale. But, don’t forget to have fun.

You can complete various Fortnite Reload quests as well to earn free rewards.

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