Which LoL champion says ‘Easy, partner’? LoLdle quote July 5 answer

It looks like LoLdle is going back to its unofficial theme from June today with another extremely short quote. This one is just vague enough, though, that it might be tricky for some League of Legends fans to solve.

Who says “Easy, partner” in LoL?

The LoLdle quote on July 5 is “Easy, partner.” The League champion who says this line is Graves.

Screenshot of the LoLdle quote answer for July 5, 2024.
“Dead man walkin’.” Screenshot by Dot Esports

I honestly don’t have a great strategy for today’s LoLdle quote. Even though we only had two words to work with, “partner” stood out to me as the most likely phrase that’d be of any help. And when I read that, I for some reason thought of Twisted Fate—who does have a voice line where he says “Hold it, partner.” But when Twisted Fate was incorrect, I just decided to throw a Hail Mary on his partner in crime, Graves, and was happy to get it right.

Even though I solved this one in two tries, I’m not sure if this will necessarily be an easy LoLdle quote for most League players. It’s just vague enough and lacking in obvious context clues that some players might waste several guesses on a variety of champs. The audio clue, though, should be relatively helpful today if you get that far without figuring it out.

Despite being a very short quote, today’s LoLdle puzzle was definitely more difficult than the ones from yesterday or the day before, in my opinion. Still, I’m waiting for one that will truly stump me—and I feel like it’s only a matter of time until that happens again.

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