Which LoL champion says ‘Join the chorus of death’? LoLdle quote July 6 answer

Today’s LoLdle quote follows the pattern of featuring fairly straightforward voice lines. For this puzzle, though, one word stood out to me. But in hindsight, another phrase is a massive hint that knowledgeable League of Legends fans should easily pick up on.

Who says “Join the chorus of death” in LoL?

The LoLdle quote for July 6 is “Join the chorus of death.” The League champion who says this is Karthus.

Screenshot of the LoLdle quote answer on July 6, 2024.
Hitting enter too quickly may have cost me another first-in-the-world answer. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In retrospect, this should be a LoLdle quote that many people solve almost instantly. I focused on the word “death” and immediately thought of Shadow Isles champs, using my first guess on Viego (even though he was the LoLdle quote answer not too long ago).

I then tried to guess Karthus as my second attempt, but I was rushing and hit enter after typing just “kar,” which submitted Karma for me. So even though I technically got this one in three tries, it would’ve been two guesses if I just took my time to type out Karthus’ full name—a lesson learned going forward.

But, in hindsight, if I focused on the word “chorus” in this line or thought about it in conjunction with “death,” Karthus would’ve been an easy first guess. Karthus is known as the Deathsinger, after all, and his bio even describes him as “an undying spirit whose haunting songs are a prelude to the horror of his nightmarish appearance.”

Even if you aren’t super familiar with Karthus, I feel like this should be another relatively easy LoLdle quote for most players to solve.

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