Who is the tantrum-prone villager in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

To complete the entire Majesty and Magnolias Star Path event in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to navigate through many tricky tasks. One such quest asks you to find and hang out with the tantrum-prone villager.

There are many unique residents around the valley and a few characters this description could apply to, which can make it tough to figure out. If you’re unsure who this task applies to, here’s who the tantrum-prone Villager is in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Tantrum-prone villager in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Taking a picture with Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
He’s almost always throwing a fit on the ground. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The tantrum-prone villager in Disney Dreamlight Valley in Donald Duck. If you’ve watched him wander around the village, this likely makes sense to you considering he can oftentimes be found throwing himself on the ground and screaming.

Although there are arguably other villagers who could also fit this description, only Donald Duck counts for this task. The Beast is also known for his tantrums, but you can’t hang out with him to complete this duty. Stitch throws fits that could be classified as tantrums too, but he doesn’t work for this one either. Even Mike Wazowski and Mushu could arguably fit this description since they often have intense fits of emotion, but I tried them all and no one else worked, which means you have to seek out Donald Duck for this one.

How to hang out with a tantrum-prone villager in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete the hang out with a tantrum-prone villager task for the Majesty and Magnolias Star Path, you need to spend 30 minutes hanging out with Donald Duck. Once you ask him to hang out with you, it’s entirely up to you how you spend those 30 minutes.

The hang out with a tantrum-prone villager task in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
He threw at least three tantrums while I was hanging out with him. Screenshot by Dot Esports

I recommend using this time to either focus on the task you chose to have Donald Duck specialize in or to work through other Star Path duties. He grants bonuses in foraging for me, so I had him accompany me while I was grabbing various forageable items around the valley.

If you want to work on other duties instead, you might consider casting out for some Trout or chatting with a villager from Motunui. It’s also pretty easy to work on Remy’s daily deliveries to earn Wrought Iron with a character at your side, so you have plenty of options.

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