Zenless Zone Zero – Best Nicole build in ZZZ

Nicole Demara is one of the first characters you’ll get access to in Zenless Zone Zero. She is one of the first supports you can use, and as a result, it should be good to learn some good builds while you play through the first levels of the game.

Nicole is an Ether-type Support character wielding a ranged launcher that fires different attacks, dealing either Physical or Ether damage. She also has plenty of crowd control that can keep enemies in one place in the form of her EX Special Attack, Stuffed Sugarcoated Bullet, which summons an energy field that pulls enemies towards its center.

Before you pull for any other characters, here is the best Nicole build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Nicole Demara build in Zenless Zone Zero

Weeping Cradle in ZZZ
Put them in a coffin. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best W-Engine for Nicole: Weeping Cradle

Since Nicole uses her skills to gather her enemies into one place for her friends to launch a wombo combo, Weeping Cradle is great since it is an S-tier W-Engine that enhances the whole squad’s damage against a target by 10 percent.

The effect ramps up by 1.7 percent every half-second and any repeated triggers will refresh the duration, making it a perfect tool for Nicole to enable the rest of her team. She just needs to launch her ultimate ability or her Special, and then switch over to a main damage dealer for some destructive results.

Best Drive Disc for Nicole: 4x Swing Jazz and 2x Chaotic Metal

Because you’re playing Nicole as a pure support character for your damage dealers, Swing Jazz‘s four-disc set will continue to increase her team with a 15 percent damage buff for all members for 12 seconds after setting up a chain attack or using her ultimate ability. Chaotic Metal‘s two-disc set, on the other hand, will increase her Ether damage by 10 percent.

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