Wuthering Waves codes (July 2024)

Updated July 4, 2024: Checked for codes!

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) codes are the easiest way to obtain useful items that help you achieve your in-game goals more easily. We compiled a list of all active codes, so you can use them before they expire.

WuWa codes are the best for getting freebies, and they can even contain rare items during seasonal events and large content releases. Code rewards often have something useful for all characters in Wuthering Waves, and here’s everything you need to know about them.

All Wuthering Waves codes list

Working Wuthering Waves codes

The following WuWa codes are currently active, and you can redeem them to unlock their respective in-game rewards.

  • PTTMYZSOM—Redeem for five Medium Resonance Potions, five Medium Energy Cores, and 5,000 Shell Credits (New)
  • BAHAMUTKXMHM—Redeem for five Medium Resonance Potions, five Medium Energy Cores, and 5,000 Shell Credits (New)
  • DCARD3VN7M—Redeem for five Medium Resonance Potions, five Medium Energy Cores, and 5,000 Shell Credits (New)
  • WUTHERINGGIFT—Redeem for 50 Astrite, two Premium Resonance Potions, two Medium Revival Inhalers, two Medium Energy Bags, and 10,000 Shell Credits

Expired Wuthering Waves codes

The WuWa codes below no longer work because they expired. If you try to use these codes in the game, you’ll receive an error saying they’re now invalid.


How to redeem codes in Wuthering Waves

To redeem the codes in Wuthering Waves, view our step-by-step guide below:

How to redeem codes in Wuthering Waves.
Press Confirm to claim the reward | Screenshot by Dot Esports

You need to be level two to unlock redeeming codes in Wuthering Waves. Once you reach the requirement, follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu via the Terminal.
  2. Select Settings by pressing the cogwheel button.
  3. Choose Other Settings. The icon for this is a spanner.
  4. Click the Redeem button next to the Redemption Code box (under Account).
  5. Enter the code into the text field.
  6. Claim your free goodies from the mailbox.

How to get more Wuthering Waves codes

The quickest way to get all the working Wuthering Waves codes is by saving our post and checking back every now and then. If you prefer researching on your own or if you want to get other game-related info, you can consult the official socials listed below:

Why are my Wuthering Waves codes not working?

If you’re getting an error while claiming Wuthering Waves codes, it might be because of a typo, or you might be trying to use an expired code.

Each code must be entered exactly as it appears, so copy and paste them to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Try to claim freebies as soon as codes drop since, typically, all codes expire after a while. If you find an inactive code in this article, let us know and we’ll investigate.

You may get the “Redeem failed” message upon trying to use an Echo gift card from Wuthering Waves’ Echo Summon event. Don’t mistake it for an error. It only indicates that you haven’t rolled a five-star Echo and received one of a lower rarity instead.

Other ways to get free rewards in Wuthering Waves

While Wuthering Waves codes are the best way to get freebies, you have a few more options to obtain rewards. Check your inbox when you start playing, as you’ll be able to claim a bunch of free items there as welcome gifts.

Additionally, you’ll get Lustrous and Radiant Tides, as well as a four-star Resonator Sanhua, if you log in for seven consecutive days.

Besides this, you can consider being more active during in-game events since there tends to be more rewards and quests available during those times.

What is Wuthering Waves?

Wuthering Waves is an open-world action RPG title that features dynamic combat with character switching and a gacha system for acquiring abilities and characters.

You play as Rover, and your goal is recovering your lost memories while preventing the destruction of the planet called Solaris-3. To accomplish this feat, you need to form the best possible team to defeat all your enemies—you will be able to collect the abilities of the defeated foes (Echoes) to gain new powers and become stronger. Follow the main storyline while enjoying various side-quests to get rewards that will help you level up.

At certain points in the game, you may need to prioritize side quests over the main storyline to keep up with the power-level requirements. This serves as an excellent opportunity to get to know more characters, though, helping you delve deeper into WuWa vast universe.

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