Zenless Zone Zero Dennies – How to get Denny fast in ZZZ

Dennys is one of the primary forms of currency in Zenless Zone Zero. With Denny in hand, you can purchase critical items from various New Eridu stores. So, getting Dennys fast is paramount for leveling and combat.

Here’s how to collect as much Denny as you can in ZZZ.

How to get Denny in ZZZ

There are quite a few ways to get Denny in ZZZ, including:

  • Completing Commissions. Lots of commissions offer Denny as a reward.
  • Completing VR Trials. You can claim Denny from the Training Records.
  • Completing the Basic Materials challenge in the Combat Simulation (Training Tab).
  • Completing Daily Tasks. You’ll get Denny for getting 100 engagements and completing your weekly custom schedule (Errands Tab).
  • Completing Trials. You’ll get Denny for completing all five tasks in the trails, and some of these tasks will also reward you with Denny.
  • Increasing your Inter-Knot level. You will be given Denny at each level.
  • In the Video Store. By stocking your video store with videos and opening each day, you’ll passively earn Denny.
  • Completing Officer MewMew’s Challenges.
  • Bounty Specialization Challenges (HIA). You can earn Denny by completing the Bounty Challenges.

Although these are excellent methods for earning Denny, the best Denny farming method is the Bounty Specialization Challenges. Spend batteries to complete the challenge; using all your batteries to complete this challenge will earn you a significant amount of Dennys.

How to use Denny in ZZZ

noodle shop in zzz
You’ll unlock more dishes as your level gets higher. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In ZZZ, you can use Dennys to purchase valuable goods from the following stores:

  • General Chop
    • You can buy meals at this store that give your Agent’s combat buffs, such as increased health, attack, or elemental damage.
  • Coffee Shop
    • You can buy various coffees and teas to consume to increase Certifical Seal and Tactical chip drop rates. Best of all, the New Eridu Special coffee restores battery charge, so if you’re farming Denny’s via the Bounty Specialization Challenge, this is the item you’ll want to buy to help you recover.
  • Convenience Store
    • Three Bangboos run this, and you can buy essential leveling materials such as investigator logs and anomaly certification seals.
  • Gadget Store
    • You can buy W-Engine Chips, which you can use to craft W-Engines.

As these items are crucial for combat and getting materials, you’ll want to get as much Denny as quickly as possible to make leveling and combat easier.

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