XQc calls out Kaceytron for commenting on Asmongold’s lifestyle and mom

Streamers Asmongold, xQc, and Kaceytron are caught in a crossfire after the latter commented on Asmongold’s lifestyle, and even claiming it indirectly caused his mom’s death. XQc reacted sharply to her comments, which fueled a nasty back-and-forth on X (formerly Twitter).

Twitch streamer Kaceytron recently had a few things to say about fellow content creator and Twitch top dog, Asmongold. “I have a lack of respect for Asmongold after he let his mom with COPD live in those conditions,” Kaceytron said in an April 25 Twitch stream. She claimed that Asmongold was rich and still allowed his mother to “live like that.” Kaceytron further said that if these comments make her a bad person, she would still be “miles above Asmongold.” This, alongside tweets again aimed at Asmongold’s way of life, caught the attention of xQc, who defended the streamer wholeheartedly.

Kaceytron's tweet calling Asmongold a disgusting man.
Kaceytron’s comments have attracted a lot of attention. Screenshot by Dot Esports

“Asmongold hates himself more than what any of us ever could,” Kaceytron wrote on April 25 on X (formerly Twitter) before proceeding to call him “a disgusting man” with “filthy, hateful, putrid ways.” XQc responded, saying that Asmongold is free to do what he wants with his money, and wondered why Kaceytron has an issue with how he lives. “You have a lot of money too,” xQc told Kaceytron, adding, “[r]espect people’s choices, lady.”

Kaceytron snapped back and claimed xQc was addicted to Adderall, to which he merely replied with “You got cooked, opinion rejected,” with a gif of a roasted chicken. Asmongold himself also responded to Kaceytron’s tweet. “You’re fat and you spend your life smoking weed and doing drugs,” he wrote.

Kaceytron is live on Twitter at the time of writing, claiming she is “healthier than xQc” and calling both streamers and their fans “the trashiest, most hateful incels.” The whole dispute seems to be ongoing, and we will add further context to the discussion as things develop.

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