Fallout 4 is breaking Steam records but the next-gen update is also breaking the game

The launch of the critically acclaimed Fallout television series on Amazon has helped many of the franchise’s games, including Fallout 4, reach player peaks not seen on launch. However, the next-gen update that released today does not appear to be as impressive.

There are a lot of new issues, and players say the “Bethesda charm” in Fallout 4 is starting to lose its shine. Much of the disappointment from players is pointed towards the extremely small amount of bug fixes that were included in the next-gen update, and those disappointments are exacerbated by the arrival of some new bugs. And we’re not referring to new radroaches.

An image of Codsworth from Fallout 4
“I apologize for the state of the game, master.” Screenshot by Dot Esports.

A handful of players have run into issues regarding missing textures, resulting in some instances of players having to shoot invisible guns that fire missing texture exclamation marks. These issues are specifically effecting makeshift weapons, which are a new addition added as part of the next-gen update.

This is just one example of several issues that have plagued the next-gen update launch. The update promised ultrawide support, but the new Fallout 4 “ultrawide support” just looks like a stretched mess. Some players’ modded saves have been completely broken because of the built-in Creation Club changes. And players playing on console are still capped at a small amount of file space they’re allowed to allocate to official Fallout 4 mods.

“It’s funny that they talk like they care about the modders’ community then drop an almost useless patch for PC and break everything,” wrote one player on the Fallout subreddit. Many players are saying the next-gen update didn’t even officially address bugs that community-made mods did years ago, like the mod that fixes audio and lockpicking at 80 FPS or higher.

As if that’s not all bad enough, some players haven’t even been able to experience those issues themselves. Players who own the game through PS Plus have not been able to access the next-gen update for free, with some receiving a prompt to buy the game if they don’t already fully own it. Bethesda has already had to put out a statement saying its working on getting the next-gen update to “PlayStation Plus Extra members.”

Maybe with a more substantial update, Fallout 4 could have gotten much closer to the game’s peak player count at release.

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