Zenless Zone Zero – 404 Error Live House location in ZZZ

Helping Officer Mewmew is already difficult enough without localization errors thrown into the mix. But if you truly want to complete the Chivalrous Medal challenges, you must figure out what 404 Error Live House means in Zenless Zone Zero.

Officer Mewmew is an oversized cat cop handing out medals to anyone willing to complete a good deed in Zenless Zone Zero‘s Sixth Street. The tasks involved in earning a medal usually involve repairing Bangboo, finding lost cargo supplies, or locating a specific Bangboo and assisting it in its troubles. For one specific medal, you must locate two Bangboo chatting behind the “404 Error Live House”, a location that, despite ZZZ‘s tendency to spit technobabble at you, does not exist. I’ll show you where 404 Error Live House is in Zenless Zone Zero.

How to find two Bangboo near 404 Error Live House in Zenless Zone Zero

Belle finding Bangboo past the coffee shop ZZZ
404 Error Live House, huh. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Look for two Bangboo behind the Coffee Shop on Sixth Street in the evening to complete this challenge and claim the Chivalrous Medal in ZZZ.

“404 Error Live House” could likely be a location error in Zenless Zone Zero. This challenge should point you toward Tin Master’s Coff Coffee Shop near the Random Playhouse. If you go right around the corner, you spot two Bangboo having a conversation about charging their vehicles.

After overhearing Bangboo’s conversation, you get 50 Inter-Knot Credits, five Polychrome, one Senior Investigator Log, two W-Engine Power Supply, and 2,500 Denny. Return to Officer Mewmew to claim the Chivalrous Spirit Medal Four and 10 Polychrome, one W-Engine Power Supply, and 5,000 Denny.

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