Zenless Zone Zero – Best Billy build in ZZZ

Funny and energetic, Billy Kid is a playable A-Rank agent in Zenless Zone Zero and as a member of the Cunning Hares Faction, he’s quick and powerful with his pistols.

Here’s the best Billy build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Billy Zenless Zone Zero build

Billy Kid and Anby freezing as grenades come into the scene in ZZZ Trial 1
You can never get tired of him. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Even though he’s an A-Rank DPS, Billy is a great and strong Physical carry with unlimited damage potential. He mostly excels in dishing out big AoE damage, and while he mostly functions as a main damage dealer, you can also play him as a quick-swap sub-DPS.

This means that Billy’s very flexible with team building, and thanks to his pistols, he has the luxury of having a big range. To fully maximize the potential of his kit, it’s necessary you equip him with proper W-Engines, Drive Discs, and Bangboos, and level up his Skills

Best Billy W-Engines

Billy Kid running down a corridor in ZZZ opening
Your opponents will never know what hit them. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To put Billy’s pistols to good use, you want to increase their damage, and there’s no better way to do that than giving him the best W-Engine you have. Luckily, Billy has a ton of great options for both free-to-play players and light spenders.

Here are the best W-Engines for Billy:

  • Starlight Engine Replica (A-Rank)
  • Cannon Rotor (A-Rank)
  • Steel Cushion (S-Rank)
  • Lunar Pleniluna (B-Rank)

Starlight Engine is Billy’s best-performing W-Engine because it focuses on maximizing his burst damage potential. As his best-in-slot, this weapon increases his Physical damage by 36 percent for eight seconds whenever Billy attacks his opponents from a long distance, making it a perfect fit for him. 

Cannon Rotor is another decent A-Rank weapon and as a great alternative, this weapon offers a ton of Crit Rate as the main stat. Additionally, Cannon Rotor increases Billy’s attack by eight percent, a significant damage increase for a DPS like Billy. 

Lunar Pleniluna is a solid starting B-Rank weapon, and if you have some extra pulls, you can always get the S-Rank Steel Cushion.

Best Billy Drive Discs

Two characters sitting on top of a car in Zenless Zone Zero.
Equip him properly and get him going. Image via HoYoverse

Besides W-Engines, the best way to increase Billy’s damage even more is by giving him the right Drive Discs. Since Billy’s a Physical damage dealer with high mobility, range, and burst potential, his options are straightforward.

Here are the best Drive Discs for Billy:

  • Fanged Metal (four-piece)
  • Hormone Punk (two-piece)

The four-piece Fanged Metal is Billy’s best in slot Drive Disc set, and it offers everything he needs. This set is a perfect match for Billy because it increases his Physical damage by 10 percent, and whenever Billy inflicts Assault on opponents, he deals 35 percent extra damage for 12 seconds. 

To form a perfect synergy with Fanged Metal, a good two-piece Hormone Punk gets the job done. This set increases Billy’s attack by 10 percent, which is exactly what he wants to deal huge damage.

Best Billy Drive Discs stats and substats

Every agent in Zenless Zone Zero can use Perfect Dodges.
Fast, deadly, and straight to the business. Image via HoYoverse

While good Drive Discs make the character, good stats and substats define those Drive Discs. To turn Billy into an unstoppable killing machine, build him like a traditional carry with offensive stats. 

Here are the main stats you should target:

  • Slot four: Crit Rate or Crit damage
  • Slot five: Physical damage or ATK%
  • Slot six: ATK%

Once you get that covered, aim for a balanced Crit ratio and as much attack percent you can get as your substats. 

Best Bangboo for Billy

Army of Bangboos running in Zenless Zone Zero.
The unstoppable duo takes the stage. Image via HoYoverse

To match Billy’s energy and playstyle, it’s essential to pick the right Bangboo. Billy’s best friend, in this case, is Amillion, a small sidekick that uses a machine gun to deal Physical damage and increases 36 percent Chain Attack damage whenever you use an agent of the Cunning Hares Faction.

Best Billy Skills

As the core and essence of Billy’s kit, his abilities and Skills deserve good investment. Since he’s a main damage dealer, focusing on his entire kit is the best way to utilize his full damage potential. 

Here are Billy’s Skills you should prioritize:

  • Basic Attack
  • Dodge
  • Ultimate
  • Special

Billy’s Basic Attack and Dodge are equally important because he’s a ranged main DPS who wants to swap with other characters from time to time, and his main source of damage comes from his Basic Attacks. Leveling up his Ultimate and Special Attack is also crucial because it increases his AoE burst damage.

Best Billy Mindscapes

Billy Kid playing arcade games in Zenless Zone Zero.
He’s also the master of Arcade games. Image via HoYovecane

Although he doesn’t really need them to be good, some of Billy’s Mindscapes do turn him into an unstoppable DPS juggernaut. Getting his first three copies is a good stopping point because his best Mindscapes all increase his Energy Generation Rate and Dodge Counter damage, which are all a great addition to his kit.

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