Zenless Zone Zero – Best Lucy build in ZZZ

She might not be the biggest member of the Sons of Calydon, but Luciana de Montefio, also known as Lucy, brings a ton of impact in a small package in Zenless Zone Zero.

Lucy is a Fire-type Support character and an A-tier unlock who uses the power of her Guard Boars to strike her way through enemies with her trusty spiked bat. Whether she’s whacking her foes upside the head or launching flaming boars at her enemies, Lucy adds a ton of stopping power to a team composition before the real heavy hitters can jump into the fight.

Here’s the best Lucy build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Lucy build in Zenless Zone Zero

Kaboom the Cannon in ZZZ
This boar means business. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best W-Engine for Lucy: Kaboom the Cannon

Kaboom the Cannon is the signature W-Engine for Lucy, built to help the team deal more damage during a skirmish. When a friendly unit hits an enemy, all units in your team composition deal 2.5 percent more damage for eight seconds, and this effect stacks up to four times during a fight.

As a result, Lucy and her cronies can absolutely dominate a fight with ramping power, especially when combined with other W-Engine effects and Drive Discs to blast through an encounter with ease.

Best Drive Discs for Lucy: 4x Swing Jazz and 2x Inferno Metal

Swing Jazz is a great Drive Disc to help Lucy set up the rest of her team for success, since she can launch into her ultimate ability, Walk-Off Home Run, to start up a massive combo alongside her main and sub-DPS characters.

By applying a 15 percent damage buff to all characters after using her ult or chain attack, her teammates can blast into the fight with a ton of existing buffs and decimate an opponent, while her two-disc set of Inferno Metal increases Lucy’s Fire damage by 10 percent. It’s a good combination to maximize her ability to support her squad.

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