Zenless Zone Zero – Best Rina (Alexandrina) build in ZZZ

If you’re looking for a strong area-of-effect character in Zenless Zone Zero, Rina is a perfect addition to your team. She can deal some shockingly high damage on the battlefield.

Also known as Alexandrina Sebastiane of the Victoria Housekeeping Company, Rina wields two Bangboos called Drusilla and Anastella. She commands them to attack her foes—they launch electric vortexes and perform downward slashes and spinning strikes that deal Electric damage.

If you’re looking to keep the battlefield spic and span, here’s the best Rina build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Rina build in Zenless Zone Zero

Weeping Cradle in ZZZ
Wipe your tears. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best W-Engine for Rina: Weeping Cradle

As one of the best support W-Engines, Weeping Cradle allows Rina to charge up her Energy while she isn’t on the field. Once she jumps out again, she can blast her foes with her ability combo, making the rest of her teammates deal 10 percent more damage against a specific target for three seconds.

Since she can hit multiple targets with her Electric-based abilities, Rina can be a great setup character for other area-of-effect characters that use Shock to their advantage, like Anby or Grace.

Best Drive Discs for Rina: 4x Swing Jazz and 2x Thunder Metal

Since Swing Jazz boosts allied damage by 15 percent while also boosting Rina’s energy regeneration by 20 percent, it’s a great support Drive Disc to equip as she prepares foes for a massive wombo-combo alongside other main and sub-DPS characters. Thunder Metal, on the other hand, helps by boosting her own Electric-based damage by 10 percent.

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